Red Couch with Gray Walls for Living Room


gray walls will give you best selection of home design that you want right now. In fact, this is the thing that you have to do to make yourself feel happy with it. Making a living room as attractive as possible can be obtained by you by applying blend of bold colors and soft, like red and gray. The combination of these colors can be applied to the room, whether it is a wall, floor, and furniture, such as couches, tables, and others. But, before doing that, you have to choose the right design that will be used in the room and interior design by modern style is very attractive to everyone. And there is no harm in applying modern design in the room, so as to create a comfortable space and also looks elegant.

gray walls
gray walls

Advantage color of gray walls

Gray walls can give you new concept and style of home design that you need. With the presence of nice looking style of home decoration, you will be able to get the things that you need. Interior design of modern style is identical with white, but this time you can play and imagine designing a game room with bold colors and soft. On the walls of the room, you should divide the two walls by different colors, where one of the walls using a plain white as the base color and the other part of the wall, you can use the color gray or gray patterned wallpaper nets, thus creating a center point in the room . On this wall, you can put two abstract paintings with black and red on white canvases.

And additionally, you can put modern decorative lights which emit blue light to the upper wall. To complete the wall hangings, you can make red wall shelves on a white wall. For the floor in the room, you can use white ceramic coated cream rug with beautiful modern table and modern red couches and also charming. In one area, you can make a large glass window, where there are plants outdoors soothing eye, and it will make the room appear more perfect. To the roof of the room, you can give a white and red color in every corner of the room, so the room looks more bold with red color cast and also quiet with white and gray.