Modern Bedroom with Circular Bed


Modern bedroom for many people who are creative spirit, all things can be done to beautify the look for your bedroom, one of them by changing the shape of the bed. If in general shape of the bed has a rectangular shape, now you can make a new breakthrough by choosing a circular bed. There are many things to consider in choosing a circular bed. If you love the modern design of the room, the bed can also be applied to the room with a modern design. You can apply the white as the base color and red as the accent. It can make the room look more attractive.

Modern Bedroom
Modern Bedroom

White color for modern bedroom

Modern Bedroom the walls and floor, you can use the white color and to avoid a room that seemed stiff, you can add accessories on the wall, such as photographs and paintings the framed with red frame and white. You can also put some furniture considered important, such as two white side tables, where a side table is made to put table lamp with a unique pole red and white cup. Moreover, on the other side table, you can put a photo and flower decoration.

Modern Bedroom in addition to the wall, you can put desk has two drawers to put goods and decorations such as cup on the table. A round bed can be placed in the bedroom is equipped with a white bed sheet and pillow white and red, and red blanket, so the room will appear more attractive. To beautify the room, you can apply red curtain that hung down to the floor and also simple chandelier but it looks interesting. As we know that design with a modern style prefers a simple room in terms of color, furniture and accessories used. And will not reduce the beauty of the room if you want different things like the use of the bed is round. You can also be creative again by using another room design as desired.