Luxury Bathroom by Modern Arabic Style


Luxury Bathroom will give you best selection of home design that you want right now. The bathroom is actually the place that is often used as a place to bathe and defecate, therefore, not much time is used when showering. However, the bathroom can become one of the favorite places is by making the bathroom a luxurious and comfortable too. There are many ways to get a luxury bathroom one of them is by applying modern Arabic style. As we know that the modern Arabic style extremely is famous for luxurious design and also beautiful, many of people amazed to see the beauty of a room which is designed by this style.

Luxury Bathroom
Luxury Bathroom

Perfect Option with Luxury Bathroom

Luxury Bathroom can give you new concept and style of home design that you need. With the presence of nice looking style of home decoration, you will be able to get the things that you need. To apply this modern Arabic style design, you can beautify the room with beautiful materials, such as granite and others. Bathroom design stylish modern Arabic is more like a bathroom for a princess, or king, so it will many people like and spend time in the bathroom. To the walls of the room, you can apply gold color by shades of granite materials where it is very simple but charming. To the floor, you can use the tiles with colored patterns typical of the middle-east.

You can create a focal point in the bathroom. That is by making a round tub is decorated with borders of dark brown granite and given four white columns as buffers and a top made from middle-east ornament. At each end of the tub, you can put a clean towel, which lets you take a towel after a shower. On the right and left the tub, you can put extremely attractive bench which is designed complete by luxurious wall lights. To make the room more attractive and bath become center point in the room, you can add a little light in the area of the tub, making the tub became the center attention of every one when entering the bathroom.