Maximize Kitchen Design L Shaped Cabinets


kitchen design L shaped cabinets can give you wonderful idea that you need. Currently, the kitchen get more attention, in addition to cook, the kitchen also serves to store food, or all at once save dining table, and how to maximize the space became an important part. Basically, the kitchen has a variety of forms such as single land kitchen, double line kitchen, L shape, U shape, and a kitchen shape with island or central table. The island shape functions as a divider between the kitchen and the open space. And from other forms an L shape are often encountered, because the size is a good for a small kitchen and to be used in a large kitchen.

kitchen design l shaped cabinets
kitchen design l shaped cabinets

Concept of minimalism with kitchen design L shaped

kitchen design L shaped cabinets will give you best selection of home design that you want right now. And you can maximize the space in the form of a kitchen like this, and by applying the concept of minimalism. You can combine a wooden dining table which is directly combined to the cooking area, as well as hanging cabinets and cabinet located under sink, it will make the kitchen look simple yet functional. Left cabinet side enclosed by clear glass to put the plates and cups are often used, and the cabinet on the left side that is located at the top of sink to store plates and glasses are used in everyday situations.

It will provide convenience for storing glasses and plates after washing. For middle cabinet has function for storing food which is closed and neatly. and for cabinet that is under sink used to store the spoon and fork, whereas for the side cabinet, you can store other equipment. You can use black marble combined with simple style sink at the top table, and this will make the kitchen look elegant. At the top of the stove you can use different lights to create accent, and accent lights are located on the cabinet with door glass, so that it create a beautiful kitchen. Dining table with one leg can be used as a solution to save space or place, plus a plain black chair, and dining table still looks charming although it is simple. You can try to maximize the kitchen with L-shaped kitchen.