Pink and Elegant Girls Bedroom Design


Girls bedroom design will become job that is not always easy by the parents to design it, because many things that must be considered from the color, interior design, and also furniture thereby creating a beautiful room. Child’s bedroom is often associated with the development of the child, therefore, you also must be smart in choosing the design that fits and one of them is the girls. Usually favorite colors are often used for girls are pink, because pink reflects the soft character of Young girls. But if you want something different, you can make room to apply the color pink so it looks elegant, one of them is with the interior design of the rooms.

Girls Bedroom Design
Girls Bedroom Design

Pink color on girls bedroom design

Girls Bedroom Design in the first thing to note is that the walls of the room. On the walls of the room preferably you give a pink color on one wall and the other walls can be used gray color with white polka dot design image, this will give the impression of elegance to the room. Besides, you can apply the laminate wood flooring. It will give an impression of nature in the room. For furniture and accessories, you should use the furniture color combination of pink and white, so the room will appear more colorful.

Walls with polka dot can be made at the center point in the room, and you can put the bed girls, simple with the cover wrapped chocolates, and beside you can put a desk with cute and simple chair in pink. Above the table, you can also add a shelf to put learning equipment such as books, and others. In front of the bed, you can spread out the pink carpet for the playground. And the pink walls, you can put the cabinet with two doors design and have a mirror on one of the doors. This will make the room more attractive and beautiful to look.