Design Child’s Bedroom with Hobby Theme


Design Child’s Bedroom will show you the best result of home design that you will like so much, The most difficult thing that is often faced by you as a parent is to choose the right design to your child’s bedroom. Hobby theme for child can feel comfortable, especially in the bedroom. You can apply the theme in child’s room. Use a theme that makes the child feel interested being in the room, one way to find things your child likes is with see his hobby.

Design child's bedroom
Design child’s bedroom

Base color for design childs bedroom

Design child’s bedroom will show you the best concept of home decoration. You can apply the paint colorful in the room, and made the children feel happy. If the main theme was football, then you can use the green color, orange, white, cream, and blue. The fourth color will produce a very cheerful the room. For each wall has a different base color and to decorate the room can be made wall treatment with streak image depicting a ball field with green paint and there are balls and benches for viewers with entering all 5 colors.

Everything is bounded by a line blue box that indicates the entrance to the dressing room. You can also make the same thing to the headboard so that the room looks more colorful. You can put a mattress with colorful cushions so that play of colors will be felt in this room. You can also put the cabinet is shaped like a dressing closet and a wooden chair. This will reinforce the things related to football. You also can put a high shelf, where this shelf can be filled with trophies, so that the child will be motivated to perform better. And besides, you can put decorations such as wall clocks with designs related to football, and displays such as miniature football, etc. So that is some solutions to overcome confusion in designing a child’s room with their hobby.