Decorating Living Room with Origami Autumn Theme


The living room is often used for the gathering together whether it family or friends, therefore the living room should be made as comfortable as possible. There are many designs that can be applied to obtain a comfortable room such as a modern design, traditional, contemporary, etc. or even use the themes. If you want different things in the living room, you can try new things by applying themes origami autumn. Where the theme of this room will look more colorful and warmer, thereby creating its own warmth.

Decorating Living Room
Decorating Living Room

Create impression of warm with decorating living room

This theme relates to the weather, which in this season the weather is warmer and plants falling. So you can apply colors and ornaments associated with autumn such as a tree, motives, etc., and for the origami applied to the wall treatment with diagonal form such as origami. So to create the impression of warm, you can choose the cream as the dominant color, and for the accent you can use dark brown and light brown. The combination of three colors in the room, will make the room more interesting. On the walls, you can create picture of trees without leaves so as to make the room as if is in the autumn season.

And you also can make a diagonal form of light brown and dark brown, the shape is similar to the folds of origami. It will make the room look more attractive. For the furniture of the room, you can use the sofa in brown and orange seat on the sofa and equip the body with orange and brown pillows. You can put a round table made of white wood and other decorations such as flower vases. At the bottom, you can spread out the carpet is brown, and brown curtains with a simple design, it will make the room more interesting. To further add to the warmth in the room, you can add a hanging lamp and standing lamp near the wall that has display tree, and warmth will be felt by you.