Cool Black Walls Bedroom


Black Walls Bedroom can give you wonderful idea that you need. You certainly want a comfortable place, and also cool to be occupied when resting, because with a comfortable place you will feel calm and like when you are in the room. The bedrooms that are comfortable and cool can be obtained one of them is by choosing color for the walls of the room. Usually bright color is preferable to obtain the bedroom which is cool, but you can try new innovations by using black colors on the walls of your bedroom. You might think that the only black color will make the room look ugly, because the black color on the walls will make the room darker.

Black Walls Bedroom
Black Walls Bedroom

Black walls bedroom show Real Luxury

You can combine black with white on the walls of the room so the room will look cool. The black color can be used on the main wall where the bed is placed and the other walls can be used white color. On the roof and floor, you also can use white color, so that the room will look cute with a different color on the walls. You can also make a headboard made of wallpaper on the walls are black with shades of black and white, so the room will more beautiful. You can create a window on one of the walls, to provide lighting in the room that does not look dark.

For furniture you can use the furniture with black and white such as a chair that has a polka-dot pattern, and a white table. To decorate the room, you can use curtains with shades of black and white box too. Then on the wall, you can put several photos on that are wall on black paint with white frame, so that will create harmony in the room. Next to the bed, you can put a standing lamp with a white cup that will assist the lighting at night. So although you use a black color on the walls of the bedroom, you will still get the bedroom that is cool and comfortable.