Designing Contemporary Master Bedroom


Contemporary master bedroom with red color will make your home feel so amazing. You and your partner will need time to be together, and spend the time together, and one of the favorite places that often used is the master bedroom. Therefore, you have to design the best possible master bedroom, so you and your partner will be more comfortable when you are in the room. One of the things that perhaps you can apply is contemporary bedroom design and the color red. Basically this design is very similar to the modern, but it tends to have a specific style in it that combine with traditional style. You can apply these two different styles in one room, so it displays very comfortable room.

contemporary master bedroom
contemporary master bedroom

Romantic with contemporary master bedroom

Contemporary master bedroom giving the impression of romantic in the room, you can try to use red color so that it can push aside that modern use another bright color and white color can be used for the accent of the room. to make it more attractive look, you can create a wall treatment with giving images with white color, it will make the room look more colorful and very different from the other the room. You can apply the white color on the bedroom floor so that looks bright. For bed, you can use the bed with headboard made of wood and is equipped with a foam mattress and cover, and a plain white pillow. You can also use the blanket with white color so that the color will balance on the room.

The right of the bed, you can put on the wood side table with lamp and chair modern black and white striped with a modern design. To the left of the bed, you can put a wooden cabinet with ornaments on it such as flower vases and other ornaments. For making the room appears more elegant, you can attach chandelier that have a fan, so that this chandelier has two functions. And the room will look good, so that you and your partner will be more romantic with the master bedroom clad in red color that excites.