Arabic Style for the Living Room Decoration


Arabic Style Living Room can give you wonderful idea that you need. The best concept of home decoration will be able to allow you to feel happy with it. Arabic style is a style that is very unique because it has luxurious and comfortable design and color typical middle-eastern style. As we know the unique design is able to give a different touch in modern-style house that was popular with the use of black and white, but you can try to apply the new colors are bright and flashy colors that can spoil your eyes. This style is more likely to have a distinctive design Arabic kingdom both in home design, furniture and also accessories such as sofa, curtains, rugs, lamps and so very thick with Arabic-style design.

Arabic Style Living Room
Arabic Style Living Room

Apply bright colors for Arabic style living room

To apply Arabic style in the living room, you can apply bright colors and flashy but has a slightly darker shades. So you have to pick and choose the right color to give nuance Arabic in the room. You can try use the bright red or maroon red, combined with yellow or the gold it can give the impression of a desert-style synonymous with Arab countries. Also, choose furniture that has a relief middle-east royal style, the wood material is suitable for application in the room. Other than that, not only in a chair, desk, you also can decorate doors, windows etc. And everything is painted with a golden yellow color so that the room will look more luxurious.

And to make the room more interesting, you can put the accessories with a golden color and a beautiful complexion like the pillows, curtains, and also rugs, Arabic style house is synonymous with festive accessories that make the room more interesting. To help the room look more luxurious, and accentuate the impression of Arabic, you can add a large and luxurious chandelier and lanterns and candles to produce a golden yellow color in the room. Selecting the right lighting can maximize the appearance of curtains, rugs so as to create a beautiful reflection color or light effects from the gold yellow color.